mechatronic (sub) systems

fully qualified mechatronic modules and platforms High-tech industries demand the highest performance from their equipment, while conditions concerning cleanliness and vacuum are challenging, throughput has to be maximized, footprint should be minimal and safety must be assured. Building on its expertise of the mechatronic design of high-end modules and integrated platforms, Aalberts advanced mechatronics has […]

motion and fluid control

advanced solutions for a wide range of applications Motions and flows in high-end machines and process installations for the semiconductor, analytical, manufacturing and other industries require efficient and reliable control. Aalberts advanced mechatronics designs and delivers a fitting solution for every challenge. Pneumatic systems are used for the effective automation of production lines, whereas vacuum […]

environmental control

High-end technologies for challenging markets The performance of high-precision, high-throughput machinery and equipment in the semiconductor, medical & analytical and many other industries suffers from a variety of environmental disturbances. This calls for environmental control covering passive and active vibration isolation, including acoustic isolation, and active electromagnetic interference (EMI) cancellation.¬† For vibration isolation, Aalberts advanced […]

ultra high purity (UHP)

First-class ultra high purity liquid and gas supply systems Industries that rely on cleanliness in their core processes require effective solutions for their liquid and gas supply infrastructure. Aalberts advanced mechatronics designs, manufactures and commissions systems for the transportation, management and distribution of ultra high purity liquids and gases, ranging from parts to modules, skids […]

ultra large & accurate machining

unique combination of competences The requirements on vacuum level and cleanliness of high-tech parts and systems for semiconductor and medical & analytical applications and scientific research are ever-increasing, as well as their dimensions in some cases. This puts the most exacting demands on engineering, manufacturing and assembly, especially in the case of advanced vacuum chambers […]