ultra large and accurate machining

unique combination of competences

The requirements on vacuum level and cleanliness of high-tech parts and systems for semiconductor and medical & analytical applications and scientific research are ever-increasing, as well as their dimensions in some cases. This puts the most exacting demands on engineering, manufacturing and assembly, especially in the case of advanced vacuum chambers and extremely large and accurate frames. 

Aalberts advanced mechatronics is an expert in the machining, welding and cleanroom integration of vacuum chambers as large as 8 m x 4 m x 4 m, including loading and unloading chambers. In addition, ultra large machine frames can be machined to highest precision and quality, also under cleanroom conditions if required.

Aalberts advanced mechatronics has developed into a one-stop-shop deploying a unique combination of competences for ultra large & accurate machining to offer customers a high-quality buy of vacuum chambers, machine frames and other high-tech products



technologiesultra large and accurate machining

Operating across a range of markets, we use key competences, expertise and products to adapt our mission-critical technologies to customers’ specific needs and requirements


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