To meet the ever-increasing requirements of the semiconductor industry regarding shrink, throughput and cleanliness, Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics provides unique system and process control solutions. Global support comprises on-site commissioning and development of test & qualification set-ups at (sub) system level to reduce integration lead time in the fab and failure rates in the field.


For scientific research under extreme conditions with respect to vacuum, cleanliness and external disturbances, Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics develops ground-breaking solutions that can safeguard the highest degree of environmental stability in any lab. Services include the design, manufacture, installation and qualification of vacuum and control systems as well as global support to help researchers push the frontiers of science.


To facilitate unique functionality and ensure maximum reliability and accuracy of medical and analytical equipment, Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics provides vacuum and environmental control solutions that minimise particle, vibrational and electromagnetic ‘contamination’. The integration of electronics, controls and infrastructure yields a high-level quality buy that enables OEMs to focus on their core business.

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