mechatronic (sub) systems

fully qualified mechatronic modules and platforms

High-tech industries demand the highest performance from their equipment, while conditions concerning cleanliness and vacuum are challenging, throughput has to be maximized, footprint should be minimal and safety must be assured. Building on its expertise of the mechatronic design of high-end modules and integrated platforms, Aalberts advanced mechatronics has focused on developing, manufacturing and installing mechatronic (sub) systems for demanding applications in the semiconductor industry and beyond.

Aalberts advanced mechatronics specializes in mechatronic engineering and manufacturing of vacuum and atmospheric systems, offering OEMs a single-source high-level quality buy and full lifecycle support for integrated mechatronic (sub) systems that are fully qualified and meet the relevant vacuum requirements and cleanliness standards.

technologiesmechatronical (sub) systems

Operating across a range of markets, we use key competences, expertise and products to adapt our mission-critical technologies to customers’ specific needs and requirements

integrated equipment modules

The design of high-end mechatronic (sub) systems requires the integration of automation/handling technology, vibration isolation, vacuum technology and fluid control. Integrated mechatronic modules and platforms can be qualified regarding dynamic performance, throughput and cleanliness for vacuum applications such as lithography, metrology and material deposition, and atmospheric applications such as optical inspection and atomic force microscopy.

complete frames

Functional modules can be integrated with (ultra) large machine frames to provide complete (sub) systems that satisfy challenging demands regarding mechatronic performance and structural integrity. Advanced assembly facilities, covering processes from precision machining and welding to cleaning, safeguard that any vacuum and cleanliness requirements are met.

service lifting

Tools for servicing equipment in the wafer fab have to lift a variety of payloads, ranging from relatively lightweight components to massive subassemblies with dimensions as large as 4 m x 4 m. These tools can integrate with the individual equipment being worked on, without any increase in footprint, or offer a wider-ranging solution, and they are all vacuum equipment compatible.

mask and wafer handling

So-called EFEM (Equipment Front End Module) systems for mask and wafer handling are provided with loadports that can automatically open various cassette types containing masks or wafers. Based on extensive experience in design, manufacturing and precision assembly, these EFEMs meet the highest industry standards regarding cleanliness and performance while operating on the smallest footprint.

complete robot solutions

Material handling and other mechatronic systems usually comprise robots equipped with end-effectors and sensors. Standard SCARA single-arm robots can be supplemented with a second arm for higher throughput. End-effectors such as grippers and voice-coil actuators are selected to fit the specific application. A variety of sensors provide solutions for ‘reading’ identification codes, tracking the material while being handled and scanning the environment to ensure a fail-safe operation.

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