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The performance of high-precision, high-throughput machinery and equipment in the semiconductor, medical & analytical and many other industries suffers from a variety of environmental disturbances. This calls for environmental control covering passive and active vibration isolation, including acoustic isolation, and active electromagnetic interference (EMI) cancellation. 

For vibration isolation, Aalberts advanced mechatronics has developed a comprehensive portfolio of modules that can counter any seismic, acoustic or vibrational disturbance. For the cancellation of EMI disturbances caused by electrical equipment, passing traffic, elevators or other nearby sources, a powerful and flexible solution is provided.

Aalberts advanced mechatronics has specialised in the design, engineering and manufacturing of customized environmental control solutions for OEM and end-user applications to meet challenging requirements, including high-end standard components wherever possible.

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Operating across a range of markets, we use key competences, expertise and products to adapt our mission-critical technologies to customers’ specific needs and requirements

vibration control portfolio

The portfolio comprises passive isolators, active vibration isolation modules and platforms, and acoustic enclosures. Passive isolators are superior for eliminating floor-induced building vibrations. Payload-induced vibrations and dynamic forces require active isolation technology providing ‘real-time’ control in six degrees of freedom. Passive and active isolation can be combined in a hybrid approach, in either soft- or hard-mount systems.

hybrid approach

Soft-mount systems provide excellent broadband low-frequency isolation and active payload ‘sky-hook’ damping. Hard-mount systems provide higher-frequency isolation employing a much higher closed-loop control bandwidth, which allows for large stage or dynamic payload forces while eliminating unwanted excessive motion of payloads up to 6,000 kg.

advanced controllers

High-speed controllers employ advanced algorithms and high-dynamic actuators for an immediate response and ultra-fast settling time, while feedforward control using floor motion sensors adds unique low-frequency isolation. This advanced technology provides superior isolation control, up 60 dB @ 20 Hz, over a broad bandwidth, starting below 1 Hz, with effective isolation of high-magnitude disturbances.

end user EMI cancellation

The leading EMI cancellation technology provides active EM field reduction of both small and large disturbances, up to 400 μT. Reduction levels of up to 55 dB can be achieved at noise levels as low as 0.5 nT over a broad control bandwidth of several kHz. Probe placement can be optimised for the highest performance without interference effects at the point of measurement. 

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