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Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics is a longstanding partner to the innovation-driven semiconductor market for many decades. Identifying semiconductor as a strategic growth industry, Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics has aligned investments in engineering and manufacturing capabilities with the technology roadmaps of leading high-end OEMs. Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics engages in longstanding partnerships with customers – relying on its flexibility, critical mass and financial clout – to jointly conquer technological frontiers and cope with market volatility.

Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics provides unique system and process control solutions that can be integrated in the overall fab infrastructure and help customers meet the ever-increasing requirements, following Moore’s Law, with regard to shrink, throughput and cleanliness. In addition, Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics offers engineering support to enhance system functionality, performance and reliability, as well as improve manufacturability, and reduce cost of goods, time-to-market and supply chain complexity. 

Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics is leading in the engineering and manufacturing of high-grade semiconductor machine frames and vacuum chambers, the design and realization of environmental control and material handling systems, and the engineering and installation of process infrastructure, in particular high-purity gas and fluid supply systems. Manufacturing capabilities include high-accuracy milling, e-beam welding, heat and surface treatments, and cleaning and assembly at grade-2 level (grade-1 level for prototyping). 

As a first-tier technology and system supplier, Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics offers global support to semiconductor customers in America, Asia and Europe. Services include on-site commissioning and development of (fully automated) test & qualification set-ups at (sub) system level to reduce integration lead time at the customer and failure rates in the field. All Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics competences – ranging from system design and value engineering to motion control and vacuum technology to product lifecycle and supply chain management – serve to help customers boost their systems performance in terms of process yield and overall throughput.



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