HTSE – excellence program

At advanced mechatronics we like to say that collaboration is key. We were recently given an exciting opportunity to collaborate with our key customer ASML and their supply chain partners through a project called the High Tech Supply Chain Excellence (HTSC-e) program. This program reflects the unique challenges faced within our industry and aims to let supply chain partners of ASML work together and with ASML to determine a standardized way of working across the supply chain.

Piet Oomen, director SCM mechatronics & electronics at ASML, is the driving force behind the program. He and his team experience the struggles within the supply chain on a daily basis and believe that the “traditional” way of addressing these issues is no longer sufficient. The program not only addresses the current issues, but also takes a longer-term view, for example through the education of the next generation of employees. To help with this, Piet engaged the Logistics Community Brabant (LCB), who facilitate and support the program and play an important role in connecting it with education partners.

 Pneutec was the first company in our group to jump on this opportunity through Victor Schut, Supply Chain Manager Pneutec. Together with Victor and LCB, an assignment was drafted for a student to take on. LCB recruited Djoeke van der Hoek, Technische bedrijfskunde student at the TU Eindhoven, to work on the assignment starting in the beginning of February. On Wednesday March 23rd, Wave III of the program was kicked off, and as part of the kickoff event Djoeke presented the current results of her assignment to the attendees, including representatives from other ASML suppliers like Wilvo, VDL, Neways, and KMWE, as well university representatives, the students, and of course ASML.

 Djoeke’s project concerns optimizing Pneutec’s supply chain through the application of different manufacturing strategies. “I hope my final deliverables will really make a difference at Pneutec,” says Djoeke. “Besides the valuable support and guidance I received from Victor, I really appreciate the fact that my assignment is reviewed as part of the HTSC-e program – it gives me the opportunity to learn from other students’ insights as well as other companies in the branch.”

“It was extremely interesting to hear about the WAVE II projects that have been delivered and to participate in the discussions about challenges faced in our industry,” says Inge Colson, Director HR & Communications Aalberts advanced mechatronics.

 Victor Schut says, “Our participation in the HTSC-e program is both important and valuable, not just for Pneutec but also for Aalberts advanced mechatronics. It enhances customer intimacy and offers new connections in the supply chain. Next to that, Djoeke’s thesis project will bring valuable toolkits and her presence adds a fresh perspective and energy to the team.” Inge adds, “Our involvement in the program and the interactions it brings us with students and educational institutions will also contribute to our visibility as an employer and help us develop and retain our people.”

Djoeke’s final project will be presented to program participants at the end of June. The intention is to integrate the learnings from all assignments carried out by students into training material which ASML offers to their suppliers. Through that, they hope to transfer these standard ways of working into the supply chain.


Meanwhile LCB is already preparing for WAVE IV and is already starting to recruit students who will want to secure their assignments before the summer. We invite all companies within our group to participate in this program. If you think you have an interesting SCM assignment which can help address some of the current challenges, reach out to Inge Colson to find out how to get involved.