living the Aalberts values: act with integrity

Why did we nominate Andreas for this value?

Andreas is a Senior Group Leader Production responsible for more than 35 employees. Together with Andreas we have held more than 50 interviews with candidates for our production department during the last few months. Andreas introduced our company and our business, showed the working areas, and answered all questions, regardless of the quality of the candidates, the amount of candidates interviewed so far, and his workload that day. Andreas takes his responsibility to select candidates for his area seriously and also treats all his colleagues with a high degree of professionalism, with clear and transparent messages, with respect and appreciation for all people.

What are some specific ways he embodies the value?
He is reliable, “walks the talk,” listens to people, gives them the opportunity to speak up, and encourages them

How would you describe him in three words?
Consistent, clear, appreciative

Andreas, how long have you worked here?
I joined IDE in August 1999, so more than 22 years. Since 2007 I am acting as Group Leader in our production department.

How do you feel about this value? Do you think it applies to you?
“Act with integrity” reflects very well my understanding of my professional role and myself: be 100% loyal, open, honest, and transparent. Be yourself – be authentic so that people can rely on you and trust you.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Being part of the company; having an impact to our processes and actions; working together with our teams and our employees; taking responsibility; and taking the lead over important parts of our production. I also like to support the tasks of my employees, to reinforce good collaboration to achieve a stable and long-lasting relationship. Especially as a Group Leader it is important for me to lead by example and to involve the employees in decision making processes so that I can integrate different perspectives and they can understand the “Why” even when they are not happy with the final decision.

Do you have a fun fact about yourself to share with us?
For many years I coached and trained soccer teams up to semi-professional level; I learned a lot about leading and coaching a team:
– Listen to your people, explain yourself, and speak with your people so that everyone supports the final decision as much as possible.
– Do not act as a playing coach. Define the framework for your team and then support them to be able to act as a high performing team!