taking teamwork to the next level at pneutec

All companies have their struggles from time to time, and within our group we know that the constant significant growth in demand from our customers, the need for continuous improvement, and pressures on the entire supply chain can make things quite tough. One thing that can make all the difference is if the burden is shared.

For example, Pneutec is being challenged to keep up with customer demand while also going through a building restructure to increase cleanroom space.

Martijn van der Heiden, General Manager Pneutec, sees these challenges is as follows: “Like the human body, Pneutec consists of various ‘organs.’ The heart is perhaps the most important, and in my opinion, the heart of Pneutec is the cleanroom. If it is not working at full capacity, the whole company suffers. Conversely, when the heart is pumping at full speed, we are all very busy in a good way. Pneutec is working on a ‘heart enlargement,’ but unfortunately this will take longer than planned. Until then, the trick is to make the most of the capacity we have.”

Pneutec therefore aims to do two things:

  1. Work as efficiently as possible
  2. Get maximum hours out of the available space

To achieve the first goal, various initiatives are underway, most of which started at the beginning of the year and are already showing results. To achieve the second goal, the most important measure is adjusting the work schedule.

For the time being, the whole company is working overtime, and not only in production. Office colleagues have also stepped up to the plate and put on a cleanroom suit to help their colleagues during the weekends, slow hours, and in the evening. And these extra efforts are helping Pneutec deliver results.

Martijn is one of those colleagues. He joined the team on King’s Day, and described the experience as follows: “Alongside more than 15 colleagues, I worked in the cleanroom for the first time. It was quite a challenge to assemble products without mistakes and at the right speed. The leadership of Lionel was inspiring, and my respect and appreciation for the team has only increased. It was a great day and well worth repeating!”

The current circumstances ask a lot from everyone. This example shows that by not only challenging each other, but also taking care of each other and working together, we can create better connections with each other, make others feel supported, and create the ability and capacity to deliver results for our customers.