environmental control & mechatronical (sub) systems

Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) is a dedicated technology partner for large OEMs in the semicon, medical & analytical and machine building industries as well as for renowned scientific research groups. We have grown into a worldwide leader developing, manufacturing and installing environmental control and material handling systems. Founded in 1990 and part of Aalberts since 2008, we have competence centres in Raunheim (Germany) and Randolph (MA, USA).

IDE acts as a system integrator providing customised, fully-qualified solutions. Our ambition is to offer customers a single-source high-level quality buy and full lifecycle support, thus reducing cost, risk and supply chain complexity. 


environmental control

IDE covers passive and active vibration isolation, including acoustic isolation, and active electromagnetic interference (EMI) cancellation. For vibration isolation, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of modules that can counter any seismic, acoustic or vibrational disturbance. For EMI cancellation, we provide a powerful and flexible solution, featuring probe placement optimization for highest performance.

  • system design & engineering
  • vibration isolation & EMI control
  • motion control & structural dynamics


mechatronic (sub) systems

IDE takes care of the automation of critical materials handling operations under demanding vacuum or cleanroom conditions, including mask and wafer handling and service lifting. It requires unique tools that meet all relevant standards, have a small footprint and are fast and safe as well as clean. Therefore, we have specialized in service tool design and mechatronic (sub) system integration in a cleanroom environment.

  • system design & engineering
  • material handling & service lifting
  • cleanroom assembly
  • full system qualification
  • supply chain management

environmental control & automationapplications

semiconductor equipment manufacturers

IDE’s environmental control and material handling solutions help to meet challenging semiconductor requirements regarding shrink and cleanliness and improve process yield and overall throughput in the wafer fab.

microscopy and nanotechnology

Electron microscopy, as used in nanotechnology research, benefits from the combined vibration isolation and EMI cancellation solutions developed by IDE, providing superior images at near atomic resolution.

architecture, engineering and building

The operation of high-precision equipment in high-end buildings, including cutting-edge R&D labs and advanced manufacturing facilities, relies on IDE’s design and realisation of effective vibration isolation and EMI cancellation solutions.

magnetic resonance instruments

Countering vibrations and electromagnetic fluctuations with the aid of IDE’s environmental control solutions can prevent the distortion of MRI images and enhance imaging resolution, as well as improve operational effectiveness of MRI systems.

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