ultra high purity

Lamers High Tech Systems is a leading system integrator and installation company specializing in design & engineering, production, qualification and construction of liquid and gas supply systems, focusing on ultra high purity applications. We serve the semiconductor, aerospace, chemistry & pharma, materials (solar, optics, LEDs, etc.), food and oil & gas markets, and have become the preferred supplier of high-tech OEMs. Founded in 1909 and part of Aalberts since 2011, we are based in Nijmegen (the Netherlands).

Lamers excels in the development of low volume, high mix, high complexity systems and aims for early involvement and customer intimacy. We provide plug & play solutions to accelerate time-to-market and support customers from the concept phase to high volume manufacturing of new ultra high purity equipment. After installation we provide service and support.


ultra high purity

Lamers is an expert in systems for the transportation, management and distribution of ultra high purity liquids and gases. This involves parts, modules, skids and complete (infrastructural) installations, from design and engineering to production, qualification and installation. Special competences include orbital welding of stainless steel, production under cleanroom conditions, and prevention of organic and non-organic contaminations. Early testing of the hardware and process control software is enabled by using simulations of the surrounding infrastructure. To secure cleanliness, a clean way of working is promoted across the entire supply chain.

  • system design & engineering
  • new product industrialization
  • gas & liquid flow management
  • cleanroom integration
  • UHP cleaning & qualification
  • full system qualification
  • service & support

ultra high purityapplications


In the semiconductor industry, cleanliness is mandatory in all phases of the manufacturing process, from starting material silicon to the complete chip. Lamers provides complete ultra high purity installations for wafer fabs as well as ultra high purity modules and piping for production machines.


In the space and aviation markets, environmental conditions are demanding and the qualification phase for new products can be extremely challenging. As a reliable partner in complex, long-lasting projects, Lamers supplies special parts for aerospace applications.

chemistry & pharma

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the design and realization of process installations, skids and piping is strictly regulated for safe and reliable operation. Lamers integrates special design measures, applies state-of-the-art qualification methods and equipment, and has all the relevant certifications.


Innovation in materials deposition, for solar, optical, lighting (LED) and other products, demands for the fast and cost-effective development of reliable process equipment, from prototyping to commissioning. Lamers has the design & engineering expertise for special high purity gas and chemical supply applications in materials science and industry.

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