case study: vertical integrated large frame

complete control over the entire manufacturing chain Devolving more responsibility to the chain and outsourcing the entire construction of advanced subsystems to a single supplier. More and more OEMs in the semiconductor industry want to move in that direction, for example, for high-accuracy large frames in a high cleanliness class with a short lead time. […]

case study: ultra clean service lifting tool

huge challenges answered with an even better solution: the TMSU The technological challenges with which the semiconductor customer confronted Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics were huge. On top of that, there was little time to solve them. But we managed to meet all the specifications within the set schedule. This was all thanks to Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics’s […]

case study: hose assembly module

accelerating development of a mission-criticalhose assembly module Our semiconductor customer wishes to focus on his core competencies and outsource everything else. Now Aalberts advanced mechatronics’ hose assembly not only saves him time but also costs. Aalberts advanced mechatronics had been supplying this customer with a wide array of pre-shaped hose assemblies, hose bundles, and hose […]

case study: external interface module

fully-integrated, fully-qualified facility interface If you have a great track record as a supplier, sooner or later a job will come along that challenges you to take things to the next level. Such as the plug & play delivery of a complex module that a leading semicon OEM used to assemble in-house from a large […]