ultra large and accurate machining

Mogema is a high-tech expert in machining, welding, assembly and vacuum technology, specializing in fully-qualified (ultra) large and accurate machine frames, vacuum chambers and mechatronic (sub) systems. We serve the semiconductor, medical & analytical, oil & gas and defense industries as well as the scientific community with our unique combination of competences. Founded in 1956 and part of Aalberts since 2001, we are based in ’t Harde (the Netherlands).

Mogema covers the product lifecycle from engineering to system integration and testing in order to provide a one-stop shop for large machine frames, functional modules and vacuum chambers. Drawing on our profound manufacturing and cleanroom expertise, we can offer our customers a single-source high-level quality buy.

ultra large and accurate machining

Mogema has specialized in the manufacturing of large vacuum chambers and ultra large machine frames from a variety of (non) ferrous materials. Products up to 8 m x 4 m x 4 m can be machined with exacting tolerances down to 0,01 mm in a climate-controlled environment. Advanced tools are available for deep-hole drilling over a wide range of depths and diameters. Manual as well as robotized welding procedures according to the highest standards, whereas cleanroom integration safeguards that all products and systems meet the cleanliness requirements.

  • system design & engineering
  • new product industrialization
  • accurate machining
  • cleanroom integration
  • vacuum technology

mechatronic (sub) systems

Mogema has grown into a system integrator that can deliver fully-qualified mechatronic (sub) systems comprising large machine frames and modules covering pneumatic, electronic, vacuum and gas & fluid supply functionality. These include process chambers fitted with (robotic) handling tools, loading and unloading units as well as facility interfaces. Advanced assembly and testing facilities are available for meeting and substantiating all functional, vacuum and cleanliness qualifications.

  • system design & engineering
  • cleanroom assembly
  • full system qualification
  • supply chain management


environmental control


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