motion and fluid control

Pneutec is a leading supplier of industrial automation technology with a focus on motion and fluid control. We serve the agritech, packaging, food & beverages, semiconductor and offshore industries and have grown from a trade company into a knowledge provider, development partner and system supplier. Founded in 1987 and part of Aalberts since 2017, we are based in Hoofddorp (the Netherlands)

Pneutec covers design & engineering, parts supply, system assembly, testing and qualification, under cleanroom conditions whenever required. Specialising in process improvement and innovation, we provide OEMs and end-users with solutions that approach zero defect, reduce lead time and save energy.

motion and fluid control

Pneutec is an expert in motion control using pneumatics for the efficient automation of a wide variety of processes. Drives, controls, tailor-made applications and complete production systems can be realised with pneumatic technology. Special motion control applications include vacuum-induced gripping for transportation purposes, and deceleration technology, based on hydraulic components, for the controlled shock absorption in moving modules and machines. For fluid control over a wide range of pressure and flow values, Pneutec provides high-end solutions comprising flow, switching and distribution components, such as hose bundles, hose assemblies, manifolds and (solenoid) pumps and valves.

  • mew product industrialization​
  • pneumatics
  • vacuum technology
  • fluid control
  • cleanroom integration


environmental control


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