case study: vibration free MRI on a cruiseship

vibration-free MRIs on a cruise ship How do you ensure that an MRI scanner on board a ship generates top quality images when it’s sailing? Together with two other specialists Aalberts advanced mechatronics took up the challenge and pulled it off. Medical experts evaluated the operation of the scanner at sea and found that the […]

vibration isolation vital in award-winning STEM system

world record through co-development Recently, the spatial resolution world record for scanning transmission electron microscopes (STEMs) was beaten. A new generation of STEMs, developed by a Japanese world player in scientific & metrology equipment, produced the unprecedented spatial resolution (viewed in GaN) of 40.5 picometers (pm).  Remarkably, the new world record was set in broad daylight – so not, as with all previous record attempts, in the middle of the […]