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from engineer to marketing manager

Even if you’re young and still new to our company, we would like your opinion. At Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics, we know that it’s precisely this fresh view from the outside that can help us to come up with new insights that – ultimately – will enable us to serve our customers better. When one of the members of the board was looking at how the company should present itself to the customer, he involved Omar Ebadi in this marketing question.

Omar had been working as an engineer in the company for a few years. He did not have a marketing degree, but he had graduated from Delft University of Technology with a Master’s in Industrial Design. The starting point for industrial design are the real customer needs. And that’s what this director’s question was about, Omar clarifies.

‘In its marketing statements, Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics wants to explain how we can optimally provide what the customer needs. As every marketing manual will tell you, that is the way to reach out to the customer. And it seems easy, but it’s not. One of the biggest challenges I have experienced in my work is how to put this theory into practice,’ says Omar, now marketing manager at Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics.

‘The most important personal development I have gone through is that I now have a better understanding than ever of how significant that search for the customer needs is and what it takes to get to the heart of it. And that I’m not there yet and I’ll never get there entirely. After all, customer needs are not static and it makes quite a difference whether you’re talking to the customer’s engineer, business developer or buyer. Identifying those needs is a continuous, iterative process that brings you as close as possible to those real needs.’

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