Lamers expands with new cleanroom in Wijchen

Lamers building in Wijchen

Like all advanced mechatronics companies, Lamers needs to increase capacity to keep up with the growth of our customers caused by the explosive growth of the semiconductor market. Since 2021 several initiatives have been started to increase capacity and improve our operations. The Cleanroom 5 addition is an example where several of these growth initiatives […]

Advanced mechatronics expands capacity in the Netherlands

To expand manufacturing capacity and keep up with rapid growth in the semicon industry, have made an agreement with the municipality of Dronten to purchase a 12-hectare building plot at De Poort van Dronten industrial estate. Mogema (part of Aalberts advanced mechatronics) serves this demanding industry by producing large and extremely accurate aluminum and steel […]

Aalberts strengthens advanced mechatronics group by acquiring Isel Germany AG

Aalberts N.V. has reached an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Isel Germany AG (ISEL), a German firm specialized in wafer handling and robotics as well as machine systems with digital services. Isel will join forces with IDE, a part of the Aalberts advanced mechatronics group based in Raunheim, Germany. The acquisition will strengthen Aalberts’ advanced mechatronics […]